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Not Hollywood movies

'Annonymous' festival was held this year in Danube Delta at Sfantu Gheorghe and this weekend the retrospective was organized in Bucharest at Studio cinema. Films participating in the competition, short movies and the awarded movies were shown this weekend.
The only short movies that brought something new and was interesting to follow, in my opinion, were the German anime "Not the end", the Romanian "Love close-up" and the Australian movie "Wait please".
The first one won the first prize for "Best short anime" and it ironically presents the strange relationship between 2 people who end up cheating each other, the modern people who always seem to work out and the omnipresent cactus flower who apparently is connected to all the characters.
The story described in the Romanian movie is obviously, as the title suggests, a love story triggered by a brief encounter between a Russian student coming to visit Bucharest and a suicidal Romanian. The woman saves his life, takes care of him and spends one and night with him. The memory of a simple, beautiful love affair is just what both of them needed.
The Australian movie depicts a suicide attempt in a funny way. The desperate person makes a phone call to a help line and from here on the well known procedure for any call center needs to be followed in order to actually manage to speak to an operator.
"Offside" Iranian movie has won the "Best Director" award presenting the strict regulations in Iran related to women spectators at soccer matches. Irony, smart comments and funny situations are a nice blend for explaining the passion of several women for football and the extent they would go to in sacrificing almost anything for sneaking into the soccer field. For me, the most impressing character is a young girl who went through many attempts and difficult moments in order to enter the stadium for celebrating the memory of her boyfriend who had died at a soccer match.
The great festival prize and the award for best image went to the Maroccan drama "Heaven's doors". Three independent stories are described in an alert rythm specific for modern Casablanca, all having in common one symbol: the mother. She is always the person who stands by her children no matter what wrong paths they choose, what insults they have for the person who gave them life or for the disappointments they 'bestow' on others. A hard life with illegal activities handled by poor, desperate citizens is described in fast moving images backed up by suitable songs. The directors are the Noury brothers, one 28 years old and the other only 23. Therefore we expect many other masterpieces from the talented young directors.

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  • Great review, Cris. Only one thing: the anime is actually Swiss...Yup, found out from the festival site :). Amazing though, we both liked the same movies, although we sometimes have very different tastes. Does that mean the jury actually chose wisely in some respects? Or that there are too little good independent productions to choose from?

    Anyway, Heaven's Doors is one of those movies that mark you. I am sure I will never forget it and would love to have it on my computer to watch whenever I can.

    How's work btw :)

    By Blogger Alina, at 9:42 AM  

  • Thanks for the update :) Great Swiss production then. The fact we found interesting the same movies I think shows that there are a few independent movies that are show not only something new but also which makes some sense and has an amount of emotion. I don't think our taste (at least mine) was the same as the jury's (this has never happened before to me :P).
    I liked your festival review.
    The first day at the new job was interesting and quite fun, thanks for asking.

    By Blogger Cristina Banu, at 12:29 AM  

  • I know you are busy and all am I. Therefore, please update your blog. First and final warning!

    By Blogger Alina, at 6:42 PM  

  • Ali, thanks for the warning :) You are right, I will make amends. Thanks for notifying me :D. How are you? I guess we'll talk more on Saturday.

    By Blogger Cristina Banu, at 9:47 PM  

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