Sunday, October 15, 2006

I got shot!

The winter season is getting closer as we've already noticed this week by the low temperatures. It's time to start gathering our ski/snowboard equipment, to check out the weather reports for the mountain areas and to start polishing our boards. But the first thing we need to do is to participate in the warm-up party and the media (photos and videos) competition for snowboarders at the "I got shot!" event.

Cafe Terrace (next to Ateneu) will host this event, on 28th of Otober starting from 19:00.
The music is provided by the artists Grasu XXL, Paco 10 Grei, Bitza, and the club mixing is handled by Skiller, DJ Bully, Konspirator, Trg.

Everyone is welcome to join the party and in the meantime to celebrate the beginning of snowboard season. If you want to participate in the contest you need to gather the best 3 photos and or a video to show us your boarding skills. Send them here and the jury will analyze them. You need to show in the media what snowboarding means to you, what is your lifestyle and how boarders have fun.Then join the event and you can win a backpack full of awards. The organizers have announced they will also prepare additional surprises.



  • This reminds my of our little ski trip we have been planning. We simply have to do it, so that I can 1. learn how to ski decently 2. get photos of you and other professionals for next year's competition :D

    By Blogger Alina, at 10:30 AM  

  • LOL!! You mean taking pictures of professionals, which do not include me, that's for sure. We will go this winter to practice our skills :D

    By Blogger Cristina Banu, at 10:04 PM  

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