Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fancy hiking?

If you want to go hiking in a mountain trip, this entry will help you out. This summer I've been to Parang, the most beautiful mountains in Romania. I say this because they are not so touristic as compared to Valea Prahovei which is too crowded for my taste. Parang is a virgin teritory where, the words nature, calm and quiet have true meanings.

I've been in this trip with some friends and we rented rooms in a pitoresque villa next to the forest on a mountain top. It was the best feeling to be in the middle of nature, surrounded by peace, quiet and lack of pollution. No people hurrying up in the morning, no cars, no phone calls, no notebooks, no modern world worries. Like me friend would say related to barbeque: Just you, the fire and meat :-D

During day we used to hike in the forest, climb to the mountain top on massive rocks, search for lakes and small rivers in the woods, find places to rest and eat and then start all over again. On the way back, everybody was looking forward to reaching the villa as evening was setting upon us. These were the moments when we could finally eat, rest our tired bodies, talk about the beautiful places we saw and play cards.

And to show I'm not exaggerating with these descriptions, here are the proofs:

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Going to beach?

As you might have noticed, I haven't been blogging for quite some time. I was reading Laurentiu and Alina's blogs so this reminded me of the good old times...

I thought about where to start after so many things happened and I decided to share some photos that will speak for themselves.

First series will be from my summer vacation in Antalya, Turkey. I recommend this location to anyone looking for incredible landscapes bringing together sea and mountains along nice resorts, new hotels, very good service at afforable prices.

Antalya has a perfect combination of new constructions and old ruins in deserted islands. You can go boat boat cruising, rafting, scuba diving, visit Pamukkale

We enjoyed our stay at Porto Bello, the food and service were very good. If you go there don't expect good drinks though, this is not their strong point :-)

Antalya is a very nice travel destination for families and people who seek relaxation and sea activities. As we discovered, for people who want clubbing, this location is not a good option.

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