Monday, November 20, 2006

European Week Eindoven

Last year I participated at the EWE event and I found it interesting for its debate subjects. The participants are students and the lecturers are professors from
TU/E (Eindhoven Technical University) and guests from EU, NATO councils. This year the topic is "European Evolution- from a separate past to a united future".
In 2006 the event reached the largest number of participants in its history: 450 students. Besides the interesting lectures, debates and workshops, the participants can choose from a variety of cultural programs, Amsterdam visit including of course a lot of clubbing and partying. Every night the organizers guide the participants in club tours, huge Auditorium event of 1000 "party animals" with various music styles, laser shows and of course large amounts of alcohol drinks.
If you are a student, want to debate with fellow international students over EU themes and are willing to experience Dutch and other European cultures, check out the conditions from EWE website and apply for an invitation.

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New DJ in town

Some people like to go out in weekends, to a bar, club, movie, theatre with their friends. Others choose to leave the boring, cold city for other friendly destinations. It doesn't matter which kind of person you are, sometimes it's nice to just relax and chillout in a club where a new DJ made his appearance. It's interesting and fresh to witness his first event in that city, no one knows him there, the audience is not used to this music genre and therefore he may be a little nervous, not knowing what will happen. I kept hearing people forming opinions about clubbing days, the good old ones and the mainstream present times. Even though they are bragging about their "underground" culture, when the moment of listening to virgin sets comes, they don't like the music because it's not what they were used to, or fall down due to alcohol and who knows what else, thus laying on couches and sleeping. Forget about the "music" you like to hear, the one you are pasionate about, being the only reason you drive for 3 hours to go in a different city clubbing.
This weekend I have met this type of people and listened to great sets of a fresh DJ mixing trance. Even though I am not a trance fan, I enjoyed his music a great deal, because of the various slow and fast beats changing and therefore not becoming boring, new rythms and even old tunes mixed so that anyone can enjoy the sets.

This new DJ is Oliver Auerbach and the club where the afterhours event took place is Karma in the city of Constanta. The audience in this city still have to learn about quality music and the first condition to achieve this is to have an open mind. This German DJ has mixed before not only in Germany but also in Cheers club, Bucharest. One of his sets was played at Radio21.
I hope we'll hear about his new sets in the near future and who know, maybe he'll have a website where we can find out about his new club gigs, sets and post our comments.
Weiterhin viel Erfolg!

What DJs/bands/artists do you like and would like to see in a concert/clubbing?

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What do you dream about?

I created this blog in order to present interesting events with certain photos I like. No personal details and opinions whatsoever because this is not a session at a psychoanalyst or diary. However, in this post I will break my blogging golden rule and write a personal opinion.
I proposed myself an exercise of thinking and writing things I would love to do and don't find the time for. Of course, tben I thought I don't want to do this exercise by myself so I will ask the persons who are reading this blog to post comments about their hobbies, dream jobs, favorite movies or anything that raises their adrenaline, dream about and so on.

Right now I would love to be on a virgin slope in high altitude mountains, no traces of humans whatsoever, high degree of inclination and sharp rocks. The activity is obvious: ski. I would like to be afraid at first (which I am sure I would be) and then be thrilled to try the slope. To find my way through the difficult paths, pass trees, listen to a dynamic song (e.g. Queen's "Ride the wild wind"), feel free and light, wind blowing in my face. I can imagine the sensation and a huge smile on my face. My heart beating fast, speeding and at some point shouting anything because I'm alone and free from any constraints. Then arrive at the baseline and there is no crowd waiting for their turn at the funicular.
I hope tonight I'll dream about skiing like in previous wintertimes. For me, this activity plus Christmas and New Year's Eve make this cold, unfriendly season worth while.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Romanian White Nights

It is good to see Romanians have decided to import a beneficial event from our French friends. I am referring to the White Nights event which I have described in a previous post.
White Nights will be held in 16 Romanian cities so it looks like it will be an extended event for all Romanian insomniacs. The organizers invite us in the 4th November night to stay up and enjoy the artistical program which includes theatre plays, movies projections, 2 rock concerts, hip hop party and a lot of clubbing. The surprise is the graffiti contest gathering all the young artists willing to show their talent in this post modern art form.

One of the theatre plays will be "Belgrade trilogy" by Biliana Sbrljanovic with final year students from National Theatre Academy. For more details, you can look in my description from a previous post dedicated to this play in "Time for theatre" post.

During White nights we can view "Cum mi-am petrecut sfarsitul lumii". It is an interesting movie telling a story about two classmates breaking the bust of dictator Ceausescu in their school, during the Communism regime. The film has received very good reviews and has won "Un Certain Regard " award at the Cannes Festival for the Best Actress category.

I think it is a very good initiative of National Authority for Youth to promote this event and I will definitely attend to it. Who wants to join?

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